Tackling, cheering — he does it all

Armand Fernandez-Pierre, a 335-pound Episcopal School (Texas) high school defensive tackle, doesn’t just dominate opponents in the trenches — he also roots for his Dallas high school’s football team as a member of the cheerleading squad.

The senior defensive lineman who has drawn interest from Miami and UCLA is also involved with the school choir, works at Best Buy on the Geek Squad, participates in theatre, plays lacrosse and powerlifts.

According to the Herald Sun, Fernandez-Pierre was able to participate in both sports by convincing his coaches to work out a compromise.

"The deal was that he and my cheer coach would have to figure a way that I could play both sports in the same season," Fernandez-Pierre said.

"We fought tooth and nail to keep him just on our team and our sideline," said Eric Daboa, who is Fernandez-Pierre’s cheer coach. "But we realized what a good athlete he is and understand the opportunities that he may have with football."

Although football and cheer are radically different sports, Fernandez-Pierre notes there are some similarities between the two — although he also embraces the sports’ individual qualities: "[Cheer] is about encouraging each other and moving forward as a group and a team," he said. "When it comes to football I love being able to be, I guess — how could you say it — brutal."

Check out how limber Fernandez-Pierre is in the video above for a 335-pounder. We can only hope to see him on the college football field and sidelines next fall.