Area pickup basketball player is an actual NBA 2K MyPlayer

I’m sure that "Michael B" captioned this video "My Park on 2k16" as a half-joke; he even added to crying-laughing emojis. But I assure you, Michael B is a real-life "NBA 2K16" MyPlayer with all of the sliders pushed to 100. 


OK, maybe not the ballhandling– that’s probably high-70s, low-80s. His defender definitely made things easier with that slow-motion reach, and Michael B definitely carried, but don’t focus on those things. Don’t be one of those people. Focus on Michael B getting eye-level with the rim on the windmill.

Watch the above clip as many times as you like. The shift from disbelief to dissappointment over this being something you’ll never be able to do should come right around your 22nd viewing.