A chance for greatness: Benchwarmer Celebrations

We see it every year. 
The walk-ons and benchwarmers of the NCAA tournament providing us with constant entertainment.
They may not ever get to see the floor, but these players have taken their time and effort to perfect some of the best courtside celebrations you will see. 
Whether it is the bow and arrow

the rockin’ air guitar,

or the classic “three goggles”

every one of these celebrations shows just how much these games mean to the players and the beauty of March Madness.
Peter Dill might be the most famous sideline celebrator.

But this year’s tournament offers a chance for another no name celebrator to step up to the plate and become Internet Famous.
Perhaps it will be Ohio State’s own Amedeo Della Valle who provides the sideline GIF of the tournament or maybe we will see a Cinderella superstar come out of the woodwork to take the crown.
Either way these young men are the ones who put the “dance” in “Big Dance”.