110 Sports Podcast: Mike Pereira


Mike Pereira, NFL rules analyst for FOX Sports, talks with Matt this week about some of the hot topics in the league. He discusses the new CBA for the referees, talks about if the amount of replay being used is a good thing, offers a thought on the new rules that might make the game safer and comments on if the reputation of Ndamukong Suh makes officials watch him more closely.

Among his observations:

Thoughts on the increased amount of replay being used: “I’m fine with it. I think I would be a little concerned if it went much further than this… I think they have just about maximized the type of plays that they can get involved in which involves facts.”

On pass interference being called at a high amount in the NFL: “I think the time has come to examine the rule on the NFL level, because I personally prefer the college rule.”

On new rules being implemented by commissioner Roger Goodell: “To me, he is making an effort and I think he is winning and making the game a little safer.”