Women’s bobsled reactions to the Olympic track

Reactions offered by women’s Olympic bobsledders in interviews

with The Associated Press about the track at the Whistler Sliding

Center, the sliding venue for the Vancouver Games:

“It can’t get much faster because then it’s getting dangerous.

If you crash, then the consequences are much bigger. Too big.” –

Belgian driver Elfje Willemsen.

“It’s a challenging track. However, it is an exciting track to

drive, and it’s great that the Olympic champion is going to be the

ultimate slider. So the team that starts the best, drives the best

… it’s going to test everybody and that’s fantastic for the

sport.” – British driver Nicola Minichiello.

“I was in love with this track from first time.” – Romanian

driver Carmen Radenovic.

“It’s not that it’s just too hard. It’s definitely a challenge,

and every time you go down you don’t know if you’re going to make

it or not. But I think that’s part of the sport, and that’s how

it’s grown in the sport. Faster is better. You know, that’s what

they’re looking at.” – USA-2 driver Erin Pac.

“When you hit that take-on going into 12, it’s just all the

alarms are going off in your head. ‘Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!’ And

the maydays don’t stop until you hit 16.” – USA-3 driver Bree


“We’ve talked a lot about the track, but there’s no worry. We

talk about how it’s difficult, but that’s normal when you go to a

new track. There’s always discussion about how you want to do that,

but nothing about worries.” – Swiss driver Sabina Hafner.

“I would say that we are the most comfortable on the track, so

we’re biased. But we also know when the track is safe or hard, and

right now, it’s really good.” – Canadian driver Helen


“I think how everyone is talking right now is getting into

everyone’s heads. I think that’s the only issues. The more people

that are talking about it, and yes, it is a fast track. But every

track its challenges and for certain athletes can handle the

challenges and other athletes can’t.” – Canadian brakeman Heather


“We’re here to do a job. It’s fast, and it does pose its

challenges. And that’s the No. 1 challenge here. Whoever embraces

that challenge best will be the winner at the end.” – Canadian

driver Kaillie Humphries.

“Get rid of corner 13. Other than that, that’s the only

thing.” – Australian driver Astrid Loch-Wilkinson, describing how

she would change the track if she could.

“It’s one of those kind of tracks that make you aware of the

dangers of your sport. … We’ve had plenty of trips down here,

well, as much as they’ve allowed, and we’ve been successful so I

feel safe. … I’ve had really bad crashes on other tracks, so I

don’t feel this one is any more dangerous.” – U.S. brakeman Elana


“It was my fault. It wasn’t the track’s fault.” – Britain’s

Paula Walker, after crashing.