Who was that shirtless Tonga flagbearer at the Olympics?

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The Parade of Nations is a pretty standard affair. Lots of outfits — some good, some bad, some cultural, some seemingly having nothing to do with anything related to the country at all. But every now and then there’s a showstopper and, at the Brazilian Games, it just happened to be a shirtless, oiled-up guy from Tonga in traditional garb.

Because the Internet will be melting approximately 30 seconds after NBC shows him on their taped-delayed broadcast, we thought we’d share a little about our new best friend.

His name is Pita Taufatofua, taekwondo fighter. He was the first athlete to qualify for Rio from his country after winning gold in the 80+ kg competition at the Oceania Olympic Tournament. Taufatofua is the first Tongan to ever make it into the taekwondo tournament at the Olympics.

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Though he wears a ta’ovala and competes for Tonga, he lives in Brisbane where he works with homeless kids. (Oh, like the ladies needed any more reason to swoon.)

But his biggest accomplishment, perhaps, was packing all that baby oil well enough where it didn’t explode all over his suitcase like my shampoo does every single time I travel. Kudos, friend. Eh, I still think I could take him.

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