What’s Shaun White listening to?

Ride on: Shaun White reveals his snowboarding soundtrack

Shaun White

Ever wonder what kind of music snowboarder Shaun White listens to when he’s riding? 

Turns out two-time Olympic gold medalist and lead guitarist of the rock band Bad Things has a playlist that covers about as many musical genres as a 1440 triple cork’s got twists. 

White mentions a whole slew of artists, including Tame Impala, Phantogram, the Misfits, and Sixto Rodriguez (a.k.a. Sugar Man). 

He also said he downloaded "one Rocky song" (though he doesn’t say which), the Scott Pilgrim Versus the World soundtrack ("Guilty pleasure, I guess"), and a Kanye West album ("which is different, ’cause I don’t really ride to hip-hop"). 

Check out the video below.