Watch Michael Phelps and six-month-old son Boomer take adorable swim lesson


Michael Phelps is back in the water and this time he has a new training partner. The 23-time gold medalist, who retired from swimming after August's Rio Olympics, took his six-month-old son, Boomer, to swim practice at the Meadowbrook pool where he trained to become the greatest who ever lived. And though Phelps, the elder, might be the best to ever dive into the water, he's proved remarkably ordinary at filming his son's swimming exploits. Like almost every parent who's ever brought a camera or phone to a swim practice or meet, Phelps had trouble both finding his son in the pool and knowing which side of the camera was up. It took mom to actually capture the action. Take that, “superstar.”

Boomer took to the water like most six-month olds which is to say he barely tolerated it. But look at his feet when his little butt is in the water – that's the early making of a breaststroke kick, something that 10-year-olds can't even get right. As for the rest, well, c'mon, dude's not even walking.

“He put his face in and didn’t really like it too much,” his father said to the camera. “Now he’s just grabbing on for dear life.”

Props to Phelps for passing on the swim-teaching duties to someone else. Parents are notoriously bad teachers and, once their kids get older, are easier to tune out.

The best part is that Boomer's teacher, “Miss Cathy,” was Michael's first swim coach at the same pool. “[Michael] used every excuse in the book,” she once told Baltimore Magazine. “'I have to go to the bathroom,' 'I have a stomachache.' So finally I was like, 'Michael, your mom signed you up, we’re doing this.'”

Stars: They're just like us.