Usain Bolt, Andre De Grasse share hilarious mid-race laugh as they dominate 200m semis

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Usian Bolt was back at it. Only this time he had some company.

In the semifinals of the 100m dash, Usain Bolt had such a big lead over his competitors that he looked left and right as if to say “where is everybody?” He did so with the mischievousness and smirk of a a kid who'd just pinched some penny candy at the old pharmacy. Eddie Haskell. “Ain't I a stinker?” Man, am I dating myself.

In Wednesday's 200m semifinals, Bolt started to do the same, only when he looked right he wasn't alone. The 100m bronze medalist, Canadian Andre De Grasse, stayed with Bolt, like he wanted to prove a point and possibly beat the seven-time gold medalist. When Bolt saw him, the two shared a mid-race laugh and Bolt put a little more mustard into his final steps as if to say, “not so fast, youngster.”

What made the whole thing so great is that they were both serious and joking at the same time. De Grasse wanted the win but when Bolt found him out, he laughed like he'd been caught doing something he knew he wasn't going to get away with. Once they made eye contact – while running some of the fastest times in history, mind you – the two started chatting and smiling at each other like they were getting ready to share an egg creme at the malt shop (same thing – no idea what that is).

Bolt and De Grasse will face off in Thursday's 200m final. Don't expect any laughter, nor any close finish at the tape. Bolt ran a 19.78, one of the fastest times of the year, after shutting it down with 75 meters left. De Grasse, despite his smile, ran that thing the whole way.

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