Usain Bolt’s press conference was the biggest party around

Usain Bolt's press conference doubled as a dance party (Getty Images)

Usain Bolt had quite the press conference on Monday.

It was an amazing spectacle, packing a huge theater as the Jamaican sprint star danced on stage with a bevy of Brazilian women, listened on as a “reporter” rapped his praises and even poked fun at his teammate.

Here he is dancing:

And dancing:

And dancing:

Did we mention it was big?

And that the media was excited?

And that there was rapping?

And that he poked fun at Asafa Powell?

Yeah, this was definitely the place to be on Monday.

Bolt hits the track on Saturday as he chases three more Olympic golds to likely close out his career.

It's safe to say, if this is the end, he's going out in style.