USA Basketball teams to stay on Silver Cloud cruise ship during Olympics

If you’re headed to the Olympics in Rio as an athlete or tourist, you can count out any chance of running into Team USA’s NBA superstars living in the designated Olympic athlete village. The highly paid, highly popular NBA stars of the US men’s (and women’s) basketball team will be living on "The Silver Cloud", a mammoth 196-cabin, 400-person capacity cruise ship that has just docked in Rio’s Maua Port Terminal for the duration of the games.

While this port is likely to attract thousands of visitors who also plan to dock their ships, don’t expect to get anywhere near Team USA’s gigantic floating hotel — as security will be extreme:

A fence made of bulletproof material will keep the public away from the US athletes, who will be guarded by some 250 Federal Police officers.“The Federal Police will also have two boats … that they will use to prevent navigation near the vessel,” said Maua port terminal operations director Alexandre Gomes.The US ship is anchored at a site far from the docking spaces reserved for the many cruise ships that will visit Rio during the Games.

While Team(s) USA are living inside their luxury naval base, NBA players representing other countries, Matthew Dellavedova and Andrew Bogut for example, are inhabiting the Olympic village just like everybody else — living in the dormitory accommodations with all the other athletes

NBA superstars living it up on a private boat with a full arsenal social media at their disposal — what could possibly go wrong?