Tokyo governor who helped get Olympics resigns

The Tokyo governor who helped his city secure the 2020 Olympics

resigned Thursday after revelations that he received 50 million yen

($480,200) from a hospital company.

Gov. Naoki Inose had come under growing pressure to step down in

recent days, in particular from Japanese ruling party leaders who

said the continuing scandal could affect preparations for the

Summer Games.

”I shouldn’t be delaying government operations or stalling

preparations for the Olympics and Paralympics any longer,” he said

at a news conference broadcast live on Japanese television.

He apologized to the people of Tokyo for the ruckus, and said he

tried to clarify what happened but could not wipe out public

suspicion. ”I decided that the only solution is for me to step

down as governor,” he said.

Inose has said the money he received in November 2012 from the

Tokushukai company was a personal loan that he has paid back, and

that the owner of the hospital chain didn’t receive any favors in

return. The Tokyo assembly has set up a committee to


Inose was elected in December last year. He said he plans to

return to his previous career as a writer.