Tokyo to propose moving more venues for 2020 Summer Olympics

A Tokyo government panel is proposing moving events for the 2020 Summer Olympics as far as 270 miles from the city in order to save money, reports Kyodo news agency.

According to the report, a panel commissioned by the Tokyo metropolitan government are set to review the cost of the games and details of that meeting will be made public on Thursday.

Volleyball, swimming, rowing and canoe sprint are among the sports that are up for review and could be moved out of the city.

No change would be made without the approval of the International Olympic Committee and each individual international sports federation.

When Toyko bid for the games and eventually won the right to host the Olympics, they promised to keep 28 of the 31 competition venues within a 5-mile radius of the Olympic Village.

The shooting competition, modern pentathlon and one football venue were set to be outside of the radius. Now, basketball, taekwondo and cycling have been moved outside of the city.

Tokyo's government is worried about the rising cost to host the Olympics. The National Stadium construction has fallen behind schedule and officials believe that the total cost will be well above the $3.5 billion originally forecast to host the games.

Scooby Axson

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