Mission accomplished: Sochi puppies have new home in US

Gus Kenworthy's adopted puppies are finally in America. 

American freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy accomplished his main mission from the Sochi Olympics when he brought home the silver medal.

Now, his other mission can be checked off the list — the group of Sochi  stray dogs he pledged to adopt and bring home have made it to America!

While it took some time to get the puppy paperwork in order, apparently all the paws have been dotted and the tails crossed, and now Kenworthy’s adorably furry pals are en route to Denver. 

Though there is one sad note: One of the pups (named "Sochi") didn’t make the trip, as relayed by photographer Robin MacDonald, a pal of Kenworthy’s who stayed in Russia to ensure the dogs’ safe passage. 

Here are pictures documenting Jake, Rosa, Mishka, Mom, and Stryder’s travels: