Skier Henrik Harlaut almost loses pants during fall at Sochi

Henrik Harlaut of Sweden has a wardrobe malfunction in the Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Slopestyle qualifier on Thursday.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Keep your pants on!

It’s something Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut’s had trouble doing in the qualifying round of the ski slopestyle competition. Check out what happened to the guy regarded as one of the best freestyle skiers in the world on Thursday:

Lucky for Henrik Harlaut that he wears suspenders.

It’s the middle of the day, with the sun shining, but Harlaut’s suspenders save him from a full moon.

"I’ve got suspenders," Harlaut said, according to Yahoo. "So they’re always secure."

In the world of Internet memes, we are hoping this does not turn into a hashtag. #Bradying or #ManningFace are cool with us, but if people start #Harlauting, I’m afraid of what we may see on Twitter or Instagram.

Harlaut finished seventh in the competition.