Lochte takes a dip in Hudson River

If you were wondering what Ryan Lochte has been up to since Season 1 of the poorly received What Would Ryan Lochte Do? reality show ended in May, we can now, finally, provide you an update.

He’s been swimming in the Hudson River.

According to FTW, Lochte hopped off a boat and into the gross river water Tuesday morning and swam 100 yards to shore, all while carrying a backpack full of pizza-flavored Combos snacks.

The stunt is being billed — by Combos manufacturer Mars, Inc., of course — as “the world’s most epic pizza delivery,” proving that there’s nothing you can’t pay Ryan Lochte to do.

"I thought it was going to be freezing but it wasn’t that bad," Lochte told For The Win after the swim. “It was a unique opportunity so I had to take it.

"Combos came up with the idea of doing something epic. Doing something totally different. Delivering pizzeria pretzel Combos. I was like ‘sign me up."

Jeah, cool story bro. Now go take a shower.