London finishes new Paralympics venue

Britain’s Paralympics Games organizers celebrated the 200

days-to-go milestone Friday by completing the only permanent

Paralympics venue, Eton Manor.

The venue, located in the northern end of London’s Olympic Park,

will host the wheelchair tennis event, where 112 players will

compete for six titles. The venue seats 10,500.

”Wheelchair tennis has proved to be one of our most popular

tickets,” said Sebastian Coe, chair of the organizing committee.

”The venue at Eton Manor will be a fantastic setting to showcase

some truly world-class athletes.”

Eton Manor will also host temporary aquatic training facilities

during the games. Afterward, it will become a multipurpose sport

and leisure facility.

Some 4,200 athletes will take part in the Paralympics Games from

Aug. 29 to Sept 9.

Organizers also announced they would give Paralympics tickets to

every retired British Paralympics athlete.

Some 1,000 former athletes are believed to be eligible, though

the association only started keeping records in 1989 so the

complete number is not known.

London’s event is set to be the largest yet and marks the return

of the Paralympics to its roots. The Paralympics started in 1948

when injured veterans held the first disabled sport competition in