Queen shows off her photobomb skills at Commonwealth Games

Don't let her age fool you. Queen Elizabeth II can photobomb with the best of 'em.

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The selfie has become a staple of the sports world … from fans to athletes to curious observers.

Of course, as they have evolved into a phenomenon, another trend grew right alongside it.

The photobomb.

Athletes and fans have both become adept at getting themselves in the background of pictures clearly meant to showcase someone else, often stealing the limelight in the process.

Well, the worlds merged again this week at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow … and it’ll be darn hard to top this one.

Just take a look below:

That’s right. The freakin’ Queen of England popping up in the background as a couple field hockey players from Australia pose for a selfie.

We might have King James and his videobombs over here, but nothing compares to true royalty.