Plushenko dismissed as ‘invalid’ by Russian politician

Evgeni Plushenko of Russia prior to pulling out of the men's short program.

Ivan Sekretarev/AP

Evgeni Plushenko’s abrupt decision to drop out of the men’s individual event continues to send some of his countrymates into a tizzy.

One Russian politician lashed out at the Russian skating star for putting his country to "shame" and called him an "invalid," questioning whether or not the heavily-decorated Olympian should have been included on the Sochi team at all.

Plushenko made headlines when he was placed on the Russian team over Maxim Kovtun, 18, the actual national champion. The four-time Olympian helped the Russians secure the gold medal in the figure skating team event. 

But since Plushenko withdrew from the men’s individual event after complaining of spinal pain during the warmup, politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said he brought "shame" to his country.

"Maxim Kovtun is shoved aside and this invalid has brought shame upon us," Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky was quoted as saying in the Toronto Sun

Zhirinovsky also said Plushenko’s withdrawal was "dishonorable" and called for a law prohibiting any Russians from competing in more than two Olympics, according to a Yahoo report.  

"Two Olympics and get lost. Let the youngsters have a go," Zhirinovsky reportedly said to Russian media. "Plushenko is an invalid."

However, the proposed legislation would also prohibit the likes of Alexander Ovechkin from also competing in future Olympic events.