How well do you know your Olympians?

Competing for gold isn’t the only thing that makes Olympians interesting. Think you know a lot about the world’s top athletes gathered in London? Read these nuggets and take a guess before clicking on the links to find the answer.

1. This Team USA star is married to an NBA player.

2. This Olympian’s father won the AL Cy Young award in 1988.

3. This beach volleyball star is nicknamed ‘The Turtle’.

4. This gymnastics standout earned a black belt in Taekwondo.

5. This boxer played quarterback for the University of North Colorado.

6. This diver is one of the most popular athletes on Team GB.

7. This sprinter hopes to medal after serving a four-year ban.

8. This beach volleyball player’s middle name is Spiker.

9. This cyclist’s husband is also her coach.

10. This sprinter was fortunate to survive a drive-by shooting.

11. This canoeist and his twin brother are seeking a fourth consecutive gold medal.

12. She was the first US fencer in 100 years to win Olympic gold.

13. He is the first US boxer in history to compete in three Olympics.

14. This swimmer competed in Beijing against doctors’ orders.

15. This American runner competed for Kenya at the 2000 Sydney Games.

16. He is the second African-American ever to win an Olympic swimming gold medal.

17. He was inspired to take up fencing by a stranger who saw him playing with swords in a park.

18. This athlete was the first-ever female Olympian from Botswana.

19. This tennis player lost in the first round in Beijing games but hopes win gold for the host country.

20. This weightlifter’s brother is an All-Pro NFL lineman.

21. This boxer is a former high school student body president.

22. This cyclist used to be an investment banker on Wall Street.

23. This South African runner was once sidelined by a gender test controversy.

24. This South African athlete is an inspiration to people with disabilities around the world.

25. This swimmer is trying to become the first U.S. woman to compete in seven events.

26. This swimmer was named Most Outstanding Female Athlete at the Beijing Olympics.

27. This popular hurdler was the favorite to win gold in Beijing, but she stumbled.

28. This decathlete set a world record at the U.S. trials.

29. This gymnast is nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel.”

30. Not even getting injured in a bar fight recently kept this hoopster from playing in London.

31. This track star is seeking redemption after apologizing to his country for his performance in Beijing.

32. This athlete, playing in his third Olympics, has a brother as a teammate.

33. Somalia-born and raised but now living in the US, this track star is one of Europe’s biggest names.

34. This Chinese swimmer has captured the spotlight with her dazzling performances in the pool.

35. A little controversy couldn’t keep this track and field sprinter from accepting her rightful place on the team.