Olympic bobsledder Holcomb ‘a little offended’ at Fallon’s superlatives

New beef? Bronze-medalist Holcomb responds to Fallon's dig. 

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon updated his "Late Show" superlatives bit in his first outing as "Tonight Show" host.

But while the late-night talk show host usually takes joking aim at NFL players, Fallon set last night’s crosshairs on Olympic athletes in honor of the Sochi Games. 

Here’s what he had to say about snowboarder Danny Davis:

Davis gets a shout-out on the ‘Tonight Show.’

Davis, for his part, was flattered. Kinda: 

Fallon’s dig against Steven Holcomb, bobsled pilot and recent bronze-medal winner had a bit more sauce. 

That’s cold, man: Fallon takes aim at Holcomb. 

The late-night host then impersonated Holcomb eating a teriyaki wing.

The Olympic champion bobsledder, however, was not laughing. In fact, Holcomb went to Twitter to say he was a bit hurt by Fallon’s rib. 

Is this the start of a buffalo-glazed beef between Holcomb and Fallon?

Check out the full video below: