Australia to host Nude Olympics

More than 500 competitors will be going for glory when the Nude Olympics are held Down Under over the weekend, Australia’s public broadcaster ABC reported Friday.

A range of physical competitions including tug of war, marathons and beach sprints will test participants’ prowess and capabilities. Less conventional events like the "best bum (butt)" competition, conga lines and egg throwing will also run.

The event will be held in Noosa National Park in Queensland — about 80 miles (130km) north of Brisbane — having been postponed from its original March date after catastrophic flooding hit northeastern Australia over the Christmas and New Year period.

Organizer Dean said having fun was the name of the game, rather than winning medals.

"There’s a whole bucket-load of stuff we do, but like I say, the emphasis is more on fun and camaraderie than out-and-out blood and guts glory," he said.

"As in most events the umpire’s decision is final, but when we get down to events like the men and women’s ‘best bum’ or the ‘magnificent mums [moms]’ we usually have to fight the judges off with a stick because everybody wants to get involved with presenting those medals."

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