No Olympics risk from leprosy case, officials say

Though a crew member aboard a cruise ship housing police assigned

to the Olympics has leprosy, government officials said the public

at the Games is not at risk.

On Friday, the British Columbia government confirmed the case

of leprosy on the ship, where police and Canadian Forces have been

living. But those personnel had no contact with the infected crew

member, provincial health officials said.

“There is no public health risk associated with this case,

and the crew member, who did not work in a service or passenger

support role, is undergoing treatment,” the B.C. government said in

a release.

“The worker had no contact with law enforcement or Canadian

Forces personnel on board the ship, and they are not considered at

any risk, nor are the public at risk. The chances of passing the

disease to others are low.”

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is curable and is

not considered highly contagious.