More Sochi problems as a Paralympian gets stuck in bathroom, too

Can you see him now? 

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Apparently, the Sochi problems don’t end with the Olympic Games. Especially now with the Paralympics about to get underway.  

Almost a month after American bobsledder Johnny Quinn Hulk-smashed his way out of a locked bathroom in the Olympic host city, US Paralympian Steve Cash also was faced with unwarranted solitary confinement when he found himself stuck inside a hotel commode. 

Luckily, the sled hockey goalie (and later, his buddies) had phones on hand to call for help … and to document the saga on Twitter. 

The distress call came early Thursday morning: 

And was confirmed by teammate Taylor Lipsett as real: 

More teammates were called to assess the situation:

Tools were employed (what, no can opener?) in order to create some breathing room …

… finally rendering this rescue mission a success.

H/t to Deadspin for the post