Wait, is Michael Phelps unretiring?

Start up the rumor mills, folks.

Remember when we thought we’d never see Michael Phelps compete in the pool ever again? It seems like just yesterday Phelps, at 27 years old, was capping off yet another iconic Olympic performance last summer in London with four gold medals and two silvers. He told The Associated Press in December it was the perfect way to finish his legendary career.

"I wanted to leave that way," he told AP. "I’m sure I could come back in another four years, but why? I’ve done everything I wanted to do. There’s no point in me coming back. Everybody is like, `You’re going to come back.’ And I’m like, `No, I’m not.’ I’ve done everything I wanted to do in this sport. I don’t know a lot of people who can say that."

But according to a report on Friday by WBBH TV in Fort Myers, Fla., Phelps will return to swimming and target the 2016 Olympics in Rio — when he would be a ripe-old 31. The story — which said "The greatest Olympian of all time isn’t hanging up his swimsuit, after all" — was published on the station’s official website by news anchor Peter Busch, the son of US national swim team director Frank Busch.

Phelps hit Twitter Friday to pour some cold water on the unsourced report . . .



Busch responded with a tweet of his own . . .



Now, while longtime nemesis and reality TV wannabe Ryan Lochte decides to laugh or cry at the report, the possibility begs the question:

Could he do it? Could Phelps not only return to the sport, but in dominant, triumphant fashion — like these sports legends who walked away from their respective sports, only to come back and reclaim top status?

Or would Phelps become a big fail, a caricature of himself and eventually a national punchline? Plenty of top-notch stars have suffered failed sports comebacks.

Regardless, not many athletes have walked away from their sports at the top of their games and in the prime of their careers. But Phelps could join this list.

What do you think? Would you want to see Phelps make another run at adding to his historic career medal count of 18 golds and 22 overall Olympic medals. For one, Rowdy Gaines — three-time Olympic gold medalist in his own right — is all for it:



And just because, here’s a flashback of some of Phelps’ greatest moments: