Lindsey Vonn worked at a Vail ski counter, and no one noticed

Would you recognize this woman? 

Alpine skiing gold medalist Lindsey Vonn decided to do a little moonlighting at a Vail, Colo., ski counter while on the mend from her second ACL surgery.

Too bad resort visitors looking to get their passes didn’t notice. 

It’s not like the three-time Olympian and Vail resident tried very hard to keep her identity under wraps. Barely disguised in glasses and a baseball cap, Vonn was chatty throughout the customer interactions, telling patrons it’s her first day, breaking out a little German, and even introducing herself as "Lindsey."

But while one guy went so far as to say that she looked a little bit like Vonn, skier after skier arrived at and left the counter without so much as a second thought that a World Cup champion was selling them their lift tickets. 


Well, except for one guy who got really, really close to Vonn and told her that he dreamed about her at night. 

"That’s super creepy," Vonn responded. 

All goes to show, you never know when the person of your dreams will show up to sell you an Epic Pass.

Check out the video below: 

H/t NBC OlympicTalk.