No butts about it: Olympic track star Lolo Jones misses her bobsled booty

A tale of two Lolos: as a track hurdler and a bobsledder at the Sochi Winter Games. 

Kirby Lee/Harry How

Lolo Jones mourns the end of her end. 

The summer and winter Olympian told that while she harbors absolutely no nostalgia for Sochi itself ("I’m honest"), the track star-turned-bobsledder does miss the bond with her fellow sledders in her adopted team sport. "Those girls were my everything out there," she said.  

Jones is also bummed that her hard-earned baby-got-back bobsled booty was the first to go as the 31-year-old works to get back into hurdling shape. 

There were no butts about it. "It was really tough just because I thought I’d be able to lose all the weight and I didn’t, you know, so I’m still about seven, eight pounds overweight," Jones said. "At first I had that nice bobsled butt that I worked so hard to get, and I was like, ‘Yes, this is going to stay, and then like, all this other stuff is going to go.’ And it was like, the butt was the first thing to go, and I was like, ‘Nooooo!’ That was the one thing I wanted to stay." 

And that, folks, is the bottom line. 

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