Katie Ledecky won a 1000-yard collegiate race by 35 seconds

Katie Ledecky is still lighting the world on fire.

The 19-year-old Olympic gold medalist, racing at Stanford, broke an NCAA record in the 1000-yard freestyle event by 10 seconds and flew away from the competition to win her race by 35 seconds. She also shattered the school pool record by over 20 seconds, finishing in 9:10.49, 20.2 seconds quicker than Janet Evans in 1990.

It only Ledecky around one minute to pull away, and she began to race by herself just as she did in Rio.

She’s the current world-record holder in the women’s 400, 800 and 1,500-meter freestyle events and a five-time Olympic gold medalist. And she’s only 19. The next four, eight—hell, maybe the next 12 years, will be fun to watch.

– Kenny Ducey

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