Here’s Vladimir Putin at the precise moment of that Olympic ring glitch

Ehhhhh ... close enough. Right, Vladimir?

Pool/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin was just chilling in the presidential lounge at Fisht Olympic Stadium, waiting to be introduced at Friday’s Opening Ceremonies, when that little glitch with the Olympic ring lighting display went down. And thanks to one photographer with impeccable timing, we have a visual of it.

In the photo above, you can see Putin examining his nails as the TV at far right shows the portion early on in the ceremony where the transformation of snowflakes to Olympic rings went about 20 percent awry.

Is he nervous? Is he unaware? Is he reeling from a night spent without a pillow? We may never know.

Putin went out to his seat shortly thereafter and carried out the traditional honor of declaring the Games open.

More than with most games, these Olympics are closely tied to the leader of the host nation. Putin personally pushed for the right to stage them in this Black Sea summer resort and the nearby Caucasus Mountains slopes.

He then spent $51 billion to transform Sochi into a winter sports paradise, in a project fraught with corruption, environmental abuses and fears of terrorism from nearby Chechnya and Dagestan.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.