Happy 100th birthday, Olympic flag

The Olympic flag flutters near the Cauldron during the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. 


It doesn’t look a day over 99: On Tuesday, the Olympic flag turned 100 years old. 

According to Olympic.org, Pierre de Coubertin — founder of the International Olympic Committee and the father of the modern Olympic Games — first drew the interlocking rings in a letter in July 1913 as a symbol of athletes coming together from the world’s five continents.

The nascent rings soon made their way onto the first Olympic flag in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the modern Olympic Games. Both were then presented at the Olympic Congress in Paris on June 17, 1914, where they were officially adopted by the IOC.

But due to the outbreak of the first World War, it wasn’t until the Antwerp Games in 1920 that the flag made its official Olympic debut. 

Here’s a video celebrating its centennial. Long may it wave: