Gymnast Marisa Dick hopes her eponymous move will get her to the Rio Olympics

Eighteen-year-old gymnast Marisa Dick is trying to get to the Olympics. 

And she’s hoping her signature move will get her there. 

The Trinidad and Tobago gymnast, who also holds citizenship in Canada, has a one-of-a-kind balance beam mount which has now been officially recognized and logged into the official gymnastics rule book, reports

The name of the move? The Dick, of course. 

As it turns out, the Dick is very tricky, as it requires launching oneself from the springboard onto the balance beam in a perfect front split. 

Although this wasn't my best meet due to dislocating my rib the day before in training, I'm thankful I was able to push through and have a pretty great meet. The highlight of my experience at the 46th world championships in Glasgow was getting this skilled named after myself. At my first worlds in 2013 I witnessed @victoriamoors_ , @simonebiles , @silvia_cp17 and a few others achieve and submit a brand new skill into the FIG code of points, what a legacy. Theirs, mine and so many others names will forever be recognized in the gymnastics world. I would like to thank all my friends, family, supporters and most of all, all my coaches that have helped me get to where I am today. Without you guys pushing me and looking up to me I would not have made it this far. I love you guys❤️ Always set dreams and goals for yourself no matter how big or how hard they seem, if you want it bad enough you will achive it. My biggest goal since 2013 was to submit a skill in the FIG code of points 🔓 My biggest dream since I was old enough to know what it was is to go to the Olympic Games 🔒 #rio2016OlympicGames Congratulations to my teammate @themarttt , you had the best meet of your life and what a competition to do that at! You have grown and improved so much as an athlete even in the last few years that we have been teammates. We did this together! Behold….. The Dick

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"It’s really exciting. It was one of my biggest goals going into worlds, to get this move named after myself," Dick told

Dick’s next goal: to land a spot on Trinidad and Tobago’s Rio 2016 Olympics gymnastics team. 

Though her eponymous move will persevere far beyond the gymnast’s individual journey. 

"It’s super cool to know that my name will kind of live on in the world of gymnastics," she said. 

H/t The Washington Post