Gracie Gold won’t be going to teen’s prom after all

Dyer Pettijohn and Gracie Gold visit "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on Feb. 26, 2014 in Universal City, California.  

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Sorry, son — guess you gotta settle for silver. Gracie Gold won’t be going to the prom with you after all.

The Olympic figure skater said she’d try to go to the prom with Dyer Pettijohn after the Malibu High student asked her, first on YouTube during the Sochi Games in February and again on "Extra." But Gold recently told him her "Stars on Ice" schedule won’t allow her to attend.

No problem, said Pettijohn, who apparently still got some love from a "gracious" Gracie — and hopes to get some more.

"She was incredibly gracious and gave me tickets to see her show last Saturday in Anaheim," Pettijohn told Yahoo Sports. "I talked to her after, and we’re still trying to meet up once her busy schedule permits."

Lining up another prom date shouldn’t be too hard for the young man, whose pitch to Gold was a winner nonetheless.

And he doesn’t necessarily need to lower his sights too much. Last week a Texas teen took a Texans cheerleader to the prom.