Gold medalist Alex Bilodeau cites brother as his greatest inspiration

Brotherly love: Gold medalist Alex Bilodeau of Canada celebrates with his big brother, Frederic.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Anyone who caught the finals of the men’s moguls saw Canadian Alex Bilodeau embrace his big brother Frederic after winning his second gold medal. 

The 26-year-old moguls skier cites Fredric, who has cerebral palsy, as a great support and his greatest inspiration. 

"He’s so proud," Alex Bilodeau told Matt Lauer on Today. "He lives his dreams through my eyes and for me it’€™s priceless to see that, to see his eyes just so big and so proud."

Those who witnessed Bilodeau’s first gold medal winning run in Vancouver saw a similar sight of Alex emotionally embracing Frederic back in 2010. 

The show of brotherly love took hold of viewers worldwide and launched both Alex and Frederic into the global spotlight. 

"A lot of people recognize me on the street, but a lot more people recognize us together," Alex said in a three-hanky segment that aired during NBC’s primetime programming last night. 

Now that heartwarming story of these brothers in arms has captivated the world once again. 

"He’€™s worked hard. He’€™s encouraged me," Alex said of Frederic on Today. "He’€™s always been with me through those four years, working hard. He’€™s a big part of that."