Gold medal winner waits for race’s last skier in show of Olympic spirit

Peru's Carcelen (center) is congratulated by Nepal's Sherpa (left) and Switzerland's Cologna (right) after finishing the cross-country 15km classic.  


Now this is a nice show of Olympic spirit.

Gold medal winner Dario Cologna of Switzerland waited it out to the very end of the 15km classic cross-country skiing race to give its last-place finisher a congratulatory hug. 

Swiss cross-country skier Cologna won his second gold medal of the Sochi Olympics on Friday with a stellar performance in the 15km. 

But he waited it out nearly 30 minutes later for the race’s last participant, Roberto Carcelen, to make it through to the finish line to congratulate the Peruvian Winter Olympian for completing the race. 

Carcelen had suffered a fractured rib during training but raced the 15k classic nevertheless. He finished in 87th and last place with a time of 1:06:28.9. Cologna’s first-place finish logged a time of 38:29.7. 

First to greet 43-year-old Carcelen at the finish line, however, was Dachhiri Sherpa, the 44-year-old Nepalese cross-country skier who predicted he’d come in last place. Sherpa finished 86th. 

Then Cologna also came by to give his regards. 

Check out the full and full-hearted video here. Props to Deadspin for the story.