For American skaters, old suits don’t help

Team USA's J.R. Celski and his suit didn't make the cut. 

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

SOCHI, Russia — Maybe it wasn’t the suits after all.

After shedding their new, high-tech skinsuits for their old-fashioned gear, American speedskaters still were without a medal at the Sochi Olympics.

The U.S. had gotten IOC approval just hours before the 1500m started to go back to its old suits. The new ones had been touted as the fastest the world has ever seen.

But the Americans have yet to see their first speedskating medal in the Sochi Games. 

Zbigniew Brodka won Poland’s first gold medal in the men’s 1500m, finishing just 0.003 seconds ahead of Koen Verweij of the Netherlands. It was the closest 1500 in Olympic history.

The bronze went to Canada’s Denny Morrison — his second medal of the Sochi Games.

Zhou Yang of China won her second consecutive gold medal in the women’s 1500m — a race that included a three-skater crash involving 500-meter gold medalist Li Jianrou of China.

Viktor Ahn of Russia won gold in the men’s 1,000, with teammate Vladimir Grigorev taking the silver. It was Ahn’s second medal of the Sochi Olympics.