Farr Yacht Design releases 3D renderings of Super 12 yachts

SAN DIEGO (AP) Farr Yacht Design has released the first 3D renderings of the new Super 12 yachts that will be sailed in the San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge beginning in July 2017 on San Francisco Bay.

Britton Ward, the lead designer of the Super 12s, says the renderings are a big step in the process leading to the final design. Ward said Tuesday that the entire staff in Annapolis, Maryland, is working on the project so tooling production can begin in May. The yachts will be built at Westerly Marine in Santa Ana. Westerly hopes to splash the first boat in the fall.

The Super 12s are a modernized, one-design version of the venerable 12 Meters that were used in the America's Cup from 1958-1987. They have a classic look above the waterline with a modern keel.