Dream Team documentary shows footage of lone loss

Not urban legend: The Dream Team really did lose to a group of

college stars.

A new documentary commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the

Olympic gold medalists has the footage to prove it. The video shot

at the time so coaches could analyze practice will now be televised

to the world.

”The Dream Team” premieres Wednesday night on NBA TV,

chronicling the future Hall of Famers – led by Michael Jordan,

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird – who became the first NBA players to

compete at the Olympics at the 1992 Barcelona Games. All 12 members

sat down for fresh interviews.

NBA Entertainment cameras followed around the team during the

Olympics, and some of that footage aired in various forms then.

This is the first time all the behind-the-scenes moments have been

shown together in one place.

”A lot of these things, we all kind of heard these stories,”

executive producer Dion Cocoros said. ”’Hey, I heard they lost to

the select team. Did they really have these intense practices?’ To

show it takes it to the next level. A lot of this has been

discussed for 20 years but never seen.”

The players participated in individual interviews from September

through March. Each seemed to add a new anecdote or observation

that the next Dream Teamer was asked about.

”It really sparked almost like a memory in them when we’d

mention something they hadn’t thought of in a while,” Cocoros


In the 90-minute film, Jordan recalls his initial reluctance to

commit to the team, signing on only after hearing that so many of

his fellow superstars were on board. There’s footage of the Dream

Teamers going at each other in practice with the vigor of a playoff


Off the court, the players reminisce about all the topless

bathers when they trained in Monte Carlo. Another clip shows John

Stockton, camcorder on his shoulder, walking around Barcelona with

his family and trying – unsuccessfully – to get fans to recognize


As far as that one loss, Mike Krzyzewski, a Dream Team

assistant, insists in the film that coach Chuck Daly ”threw” the

scrimmage as a lesson to his players during pre-Olympic

preparations in San Diego by not making adjustments and using

Michael Jordan very little. Still, it would seem any combination of

five of the future Hall of Famers should have been able to defeat

the college kids without any strategizing.