CONI: Rome 2024 bid committee to be named by end of month

ROME (AP) Italian Olympic Committee president Giovanni Malago plans to name a 10-member board by the end of the month that will lead Rome’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Malago was expected to name the committee chief before seeing IOC President Thomas Bach next week, but he said following a CONI board meeting on Tuesday that they want to present all of the committee at the same time.

”We want to involve young people as much as possible,” Malago said. ”In February, we’ll inaugurate the headquarters for the committee.”

Italy’s former foreign minister, Franco Frattini, aged 57, and ex-Ferrari president Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo, 67, are reportedly being considered to lead the bid committee.

Malago said the initial 10 members will grow to about 30 by the time the winning bid is selected in 2017. He excluded himself from the bid leader’s role.

He confirmed the bid committee’s budget will be 5 to 10 million euros ($6-$12 million).

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi announced Rome’s cost-conscious bid last month, two years after then-premier Mario Monti scrapped plans to bid for the 2020 Games because of financial concerns. In a cost-saving measure, the 2024 bid is expected to include venues throughout Italy.

Malago added that when the time is right, a public opinion survey on the bid will be conducted.

Rome, which hosted the 1960 Games, and Boston are the only cities to have announced their bids so far.

”I don’t fear Boston. I have a huge amount of respect for Boston,” Malago said. ”We need to consider our rivals, but we’ve really got to worry about ourselves.”

The IOC will open an ”invitation phase” for potential bidders on Thursday. Formal applications don’t have to be made until Sept. 15. The host city will be selected by the IOC in 2017 in Lima, Peru.

Montezemolo stepped down from Ferrari in October after 23 years as president of the Italian car manufacturer, during which the automaker’s Formula One team had some its most successful years. Montezemolo also managed the organizing committee for the 1990 World Cup in Italy. He was named Alitalia’s chairman in November.

Frattini was twice foreign minister in Silvio Berlusconi governments, from 2002-2004 and 2008-2011, and was a European Commissioner for Justice in the interim years (2004-2008). Frattini was among a group of prominent members of Berlusconi’s center-right party that dropped his support in 2012 when the media mogul tried to topple Monti’s government.

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