Citi believes in Olympic partnership

Money makes the Olympics go around. Without the private sector

financially supporting Olympic athletes, it’s fair to say in

many cases, athletes might never be able to afford to make it to

the Games.

Sponsors pay dearly for the privilege. The trade-off? Big

business looks big-hearted. But taking the plunge into Olympic

sponsorship can come in many forms and this year, Citigroup,

reeling and now finally working to recover from the financial

crisis, decided to jump in heart-first.

The gigantic, global bank has never sponsored the Olympics

before, but when it made the decision to do it for London 2012, the

company took it beyond slapping its logo on venues. In a FOX

Business/ exclusive, Citi’s chief brand officer,

Dermot Boden, met up with us at USA House to explain how well he

believes the bank’s involvement is already paying off.