Jenner on Phelps: ‘He’s done’

Michael Phelps’ flirtation with making a return to the pool for the 2016 Olympics has certainly generated plenty of buzz. And while he has not committed to a return to competitive swimming, it’s hard to imagine anybody being against the most successful Olympian of all time returning to the pool, except his opponents.

And a 63-year-old retired track & field legend (who also happens to be the father of America’s most dysfunctional reality TV family).

That’s right, Bruce Jenner had some brief words for Phelps and his swimming career. And of course he shared them with . . . TMZ.

In case you missed it, Jenner said, "No . . . He’s done . . . Quit while your ahead."

Funny, seems like he should be offering the same advice to some people a little closer in his life.

To Jenner’s credit, though, he does bring some pretty strong credentials beyond being a TV star. In the 1976 Montreal Olympics, he set the world record in winning the gold medal in the decathlon. The feat propelled him into instant celebrity. After all, he did this 27 years before Phelps:

But no word on if he ever peed in the pool.