Ashley Wagner changes free skate routine

American Ashley Wagner returns to the music that helped her win nationals last season. 

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Figure skater Ashley Wagner is switching up her long program just weeks before the Winter Games. 

After a disappointing fourth-place finish at the US championships, the 22-year-old is replacing her "Romeo and Juliet" program with the "’Samson and Delilah" theme that helped her win her second consecutive national title last season. She’ll combine the choreography from both programs. 

"’€˜Samson and Delilah’€™ just provided a sense of comfort and a style of skating that is much more natural to me," Wagner told the Los Angeles Times. "I felt that I was really forcing it this season with ‘€˜Romeo and Juliet.’"€

Wagner finished fourth in the nationals this year, but her previous titles and world standing helped her vault over third-place nationals finisher Mirai Nagasu to nab a spot on the US Olympic team.