Also missing from Michelle Kwan’s stolen car: A Gretzky hockey stick?

A Wayne Gretzky-signed hockey stick also disappeared along with Kwan's Prius. 

John Berry/Getty Images

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan also apparently had a Wayne Gretzky-signed hockey stick in her Prius when it was stolen last week, according to a report in the Providence Journal

The missing stick was not included in the initial report from Kwan and husband Clay Pell, a Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate. But the former Olympic medalist said it was gone at a recent Summit neighborhood meeting, the Journal reported.  

Pell’s campaign manager told the Journal on Tuesday that he didn’t know about the missing stick, nor did he repond to questions of what kind of stick it was or how Kwan received it. An autographed hockey stick can fetch upwards of $1,200, the article stated — even more if it was used by Gretzky, the NHL’s all-time leading scorer, or personally signed to Kwan. 

According to a police report, Pell dropped the car keys between the seats of Kwan’s Toyota Prius, parked outside the couple’s Providence home before they left for an event last Tuesday. Pell could not easily reach the keys so he closed the car door and left with Kwan in another vehicle.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the couple noticed their car was missing. They drove around the neighborhood looking for it before reporting it stolen last Wednesday, the police stated. 

As is the case of anything mentioned on the Internet these days, Kwan’s missing Prius has inspired its own Twitter account, @pellkwanprius. Location, obviously, is unknown.