Algae-ridden Olympic pool closed: ‘The whole building smells like a fart’


The diving pool at the Rio Games was closed Friday by Olympic officials in an attempt to return the pool to its original hue, per News Services.

"We confirm that diving training in Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre pool is canceled this morning," Rio Olympics spokeman Philip Wilkinson said. "The reason is that the water must be still so the pool can return to its blue color as soon as possible."

The pool turned green rapidly on Tuesday, giving athletes pause and becoming an immediate point of discussion on social media: Is the water safe? Why is this happening?

According to 9 News Australia’s Tom Steinfort, one German athlete remarked on one effect of the green-ified pool that others haven’t considered — it is a … less appealing feature of the venue:

Not exactly a ringing endorsement!

Other athletes raised concerns about the water quality after having their morning practices canceled as crews treated the pool:

Olympic officials maintain that the pool will not harm any of the athletes, no matter its color.

"We reiterate what we have been saying all along — the water does not offer any threat to the health of athletes," Rio organizing committee spokesman Mario Andrada said. "In the first day of this water situation, one or two athletes complained about their eyes being itchy. This was a result that the first reaction we saw the water turning green was to use one of the chemicals — chlorine — that is very common in swimming pools. We reduced immediately the quantity. We retested the water and it was totally within the parameters.

The committee is using chemicals to undo the discoloration, which they attributed to an increase in the alkaline level in the water. Andrada regrets the persistent color, but says it’s part of the process.

"Chemistry is not an exact science," Andrada said. "Some things, as you can see, went longer than expected."

Andrada did not address whether or not the chemicals were fart-based.

Dan is on Twitter. As his dad once said, "A little fart-water never killed nobody."