Slovenian gold medalist doubles as nation’s top pop sensation

Tina Maze is a woman of many talents, most notably gold medal-winning skier and pop-singing sensation in her native Slovenia.

L-R: Paul Gilham & Alexander Hassenstein

You have to hand it to female skiers — they sure know how to keep their name in the headlines even when the snow melts.

Of course we have Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods’ better half who dominated the talk heading into Sochi — because she isn’t competing.

And earlier this week came the story of Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun, the 22-year-old who set off a firestorm when a topless video of her surfaced after a racy photo shoot for a calendar.

And now we have Slovenian skier Tina Maze. To Maze’s credit, she did do something noteworthy on the slopes, tying Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin for the first shared gold medals in Olympic Alpine skiing history.

But Maze is no fool. She knows that come four years from now — hell, perhaps four WEEKS from now — it’s highly unlikely anyone outside the Maze household will remember her winning run. But no matter . . . she’s hoping to be the Slovenian Taylor Swift by then. In fact, according to Maze, she already is.

Maze recorded a single, "My Way is My Decision," in 2012. The official video’s YouTube page has less than 31,000 hits, but another version has more than half a million. The song was reportedly the No. 1 hit in her native land.

Here’s the video:

And to see Chamoun’s controversial video, click here.