Manager Terry Francona explains why he substituted Andrew Miller for Carlos Carrasco in Game 2 of the ALDS

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Tito recaps Game 2 of the ALDS

REPORTER: How'd you feel Carrasco pitched?

- I thought he was terrific. I thought he really, really did well. We got to a point in the game where-- oh boy. It was a one run lead, and with Gonzalez coming up the way, he'd swung the bat against him prior, and [INAUDIBLE] history. I felt really good about it. Didn't work out the way we obviously planned.

REPORTER: With Bauer, any thoughts of bringing him in instead of Miller, or did you just like the magic [INAUDIBLE]

- No, no, I wanted Andrew to-- that's what we wanted right there.

REPORTER: Hunter? Terry, when it comes to a game like this where you have such good starting pitching, you have the big at bat from [INAUDIBLE] obviously, is it just that making a few mistakes seems so costly when you play against a team like the Astros? Because obviously you've had some good performances from your players.

- I don't know-- is there a question in there somewhere?

REPORTER: So my question is more about does it feel like the small mistakes well up into the reason why a loss can happen?

- I don't know that there is anything small in games like this. Part of why they're good is, obviously they're pitching, but they always push. They continue to push. And they put heat on you all the time. And They got a very good ball club. And we've been talking about it since the day before the series. They continue to push, and they either run you into a mistake, or hit the ball out of the ballpark. They have a lot of ways to beat you.

REPORTER: Chandler. Terry, what did you think of Cole? And specifically what you think of how he was incorporating both the slider and his curveball?

REPORTER: Oh boy. His fastball is-- you can see it by the radar gun. But that sweeping breaking ball, that's a pretty good combination. When Frankie hit the home run he gave us a huge lift, but that's a lot to ask to make that hold up.

REPORTER: Paul? Did you take Altuve's ball down to third base line would have gone foul, or was it just a tough call?

- Yeah, I don't know. I didn't even go back and look yet. I probably have the worst view. If you're in Donaldson's spot you don't have the replay, and that's a hard one.

REPORTER: Hunter. What are some of the things that your team can rely on, going back home, down 0-2, having now to win three games in a row to advance?

- I don't think we need to look at it like that. We just need to find a way to win Monday. I'm guessing that Houston will enjoy their off day more than we will. Other than that, show up on Monday, and play for our baseball life. Nobody wants to go home, so try to keep this thing going.