Francisco Lindor is confident that the Indians offense will improve in Game 3 of the ALDS

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Lindor is confident the Indians outfield will improve

REPORTER: Frankie, what have they done pitching-wise that has been able to keep you guys off balance to this point?

- They locate. They locate, they execute. They've done a very, very good job. Our pitching staff too, they did a tremendous job. Us as offensive-- as the offense, we have to do a little bit better job.

Me, personally, in my last at-bat, I sped up a little bit. I should have just stayed within myself, which I did the first two pitches. But the last one just caught me a little bit more up front than I wanted to. So just make the adjustments, continue to grind, and play the game.

REPORTER: Frankie, going home down 0-2. How do you combat that?

- They got to win three games. So do we. We just got to win three in a row. It's possible to win three in a row. So we've just got to take it one game at a time. You just focus on the one on Monday, I believe. That's when we play, Monday. And on Friday come in with a W that day.

REPORTER: Frankie, you've seen Andrew carry such a load for you guys over the years. He seemed to kind of struggle this year in the ups and downs. Is it kind of strange just a bit to see him struggle like this?

- To be honest, I haven't really seen him struggle that much. He just hasn't been able to stay healthy. But whenever he comes back, he comes in and does his job. Today, he executed that pitch, and they hit it the other way. It's part of the game. You adjust to those things.

And Gonzalez had a tremendous game today. So it don't matter where he threw the ball today or who was going to hit it. So just bounce back for Monday.

REPORTER: What did you think of the job Jose did to complete that double play?

- Outstanding. Outstanding. Our pitching staff did a great job. Our defense did good. It's the offense that has got to come through. And I think we'll be fine. We've got really good hitters on this side. And we'll bounce back.

REPORTER: What was the Astros pitcher doing to kind of throw you guys off?

- Execute. Execute. They got a plan on approach, and they're executing. And hats off to them. They're doing a tremendous job.

REPORTER: Frankie, we've seen you ignite this team before. I mean, did you think after that home run that kind of got you guys out?

- I was hoping. And it seemed like we had good at-bats. You know, Alonso had a good line drive the other way. We had good at-bats. I know we struck out a lot of times, but we had good at-bats. It's just the hits had some fall outs. So we started to rally with a ground ball to third base. We haven't had any of those. We'll be fine.