Josh Donaldson explains his decision to field Altuve’s ground ball down the line in Game 2 of the ALDS

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Josh Donaldson recaps Game 2 of the ALDS

REPORTER: On the ball hit by Altuve, did you think it's was gonna kick foul?

- You know, I saw that he didn't really get a great-- he didn't do a good job of getting out of the box. I think he might have slipped. So I knew that I had a chance, that the throw was just-- I would do the same thing over again. I would just make a better throw.

REPORTER: Josh, you've been on a team down 2-0, we know how that turned out. What kind of message can you give your teammates?

- Keep battling. You know, they have played pretty much perfect baseball to this point. You know, we've had a couple mistakes the first couple of games. And now it's our time to respond. And we get to play at home now in front of our fans and get something going early and awesome.

REPORTER: What makes Cole so tough to hit?

- He had that up shoot heater. You know, looks-- as a hitter, it's kind of a little bit deceiving because it looks like it's going to be in there for a strike and it kind of just keeps going up. And the breaking stuff, first at-bat it was a wipeout. He threw a wipeout slider to me my first at-bat.

If I could have the at-bats back again, I would really just try to focus in on trying to get him a little bit further down the zone. And he really wasn't throwing offspeed for strikes. But he did a good job of kind of getting ahead and then taking advantage of some of our aggressiveness.

REPORTER: You guys have such a potent offense, but just six hits in these two games. Any way to pinpoint why the struggles?

- I think it's just what I just said. They've done a great job of executing pitches and they've kind of taken advantage of a little bit of our aggressiveness and some counts. But that's a good hitting offenses are aggressive. We just have to do-- especially for myself, I have to do a better job of kind of getting them in the zone I'm looking for.

REPORTER: Josh, what'd you think of the effort by José to finish that double play as he was falling over [INAUDIBLE]?

- That was a pretty great throw that he made right there. I didn't see why-- like I said, it was a great job of him staying with the play.

REPORTER: Josh, back to-- sorry. [INAUDIBLE] It's obviously a very fast play, fast decisions. Were you able, out of the corner of your eye, to see if he stumbled?

- Yeah, that's what--

REPORTER: I apologize.

- Yeah, I said that earlier. I saw that he didn't get out of the box particularly well. I mean, if it was normal circumstances, he got out of the box well, I'll let it go every time. But with the circumstances I feel right now, I would still make the play. I would just make a better throw. Because I felt like if I made the throw, it's an easy out.