Carlos Carrasco recaps his start in Game 2 of the ALDS

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Carrasco pitched well during his start against the Astros

- Throwing it, the thing was-- you know, a fastball back and forth. Then a slide. Pretty much that's what it is. I know those guys are coming aggressive. You know, first pitch swing. Then had a couple ones on that. [INAUDIBLE] everyone out. You know, what I think was-- you know, trying to go back and forth. That's what I did the whole game.

INTERVIEWER: Were you surprised that Tito came up to take out [INAUDIBLE]?

- You know what? He's part of the game. He's the manager. He's made the right decision. If he took me out, he took me out. There's nothing I can do about that.

- As a competitor, though, would you have liked to have stayed in? The way things were going for you?

- You know what? Yeah. I just want to-- I just want to continue to pitch. But if it's the call from Tito, I respect that.