Francisco Lindor brings up Indians’ series losses to Cubs, Yanks

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Lindor knows from history that no series lead is safe.

- He threw strikes. I mean, he-- I guess he did very good, you know. He came out today, was aggressive, and he went out there and throw strikes. So hats off to him. He did good today.

Is it easier to kind of flush a loss like this, put it to bed when you just didn't generate many offensive chances to begin with?

- It's part of the game. You win some, you lose some. Tomorrow we have another game. Forget about today. It's in the past, and bounce back tomorrow.

Did you learn anything today in terms of facing Cole tomorrow, adjustment-wise what you'll have to do differently?

- Just stick with our plan. Our plan is good enough. The time we hit the ball hard, then it didn't go through. And they played better than us today, you know. It was plain and simple. They played better than us. Hats off to them. But tomorrow is another day, and come back stronger.

Frankie, did you notice any kind of a momentum shift, even though it was only two runs-- the 35-pitch inning that Corey had in that fourth inning?

- Not really. Not really. They had a couple of innings that they scored a couple of runs-- I think it was the fourth and the fifth. We were going to get our turn. You know, with the time when we had bases loaded, we scored two. I thought we could have scored a couple more, but that's part of the game. You know, you win some, you lose some. It's come back tomorrow stronger, like I said.

Frankie, you guys are down 0-1 in a short series. Do you feel maybe a sense of urgency here to kind of even this thing out or get one before you go home?

- The Yankees were 0-2 against us. Came back and beat us. Cubs were down 1-3, came back and beat us. I know exactly how it feels when-- but you know, I've been losing series, and I tell them it's one game. It's one game. At the end of the day, we've got to go out there and play our best, whether we are down 0-2 or not. You know, we've got to play the game the right way, no matter what the series is like.