Trevor Bauer felt good in Game 1 and will be ready if needed in Game 2

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Bauer discusses his Game 1 performance and Game 2 status.

- I thought I threw the ball well. I executed a lot of pitches. The two hits were quality pitches, so credit to them on taking good swings and good hitters.

REPORTER: What point did you start getting ready for the [INAUDIBLE]?

- They called down basically as the inning was starting and said, you know, get ready. And as soon as you're ready, let me know. So it took me like two minutes or three minutes, and I was good.

REPORTER: Do you feel you're at a point you can go right back in and pitch again tomorrow?

- Yeah. For sure. I mean, that's like-- that's less than my side session. I didn't really feel taxed at all. So yeah, I'm good to go.

REPORTER: People said maybe it took a couple conversations to sort of fully explain his view of your role. Like, once you sort of got the grain for how he was intending to use you. So what did you think of this-- where he wants to use you maybe as much as he can.

- Like I said, they tell me when to pitch, and I pitch. So that's all.